Authentic Sauces

  • XO Seafood Sauce 200g
  • Siracha sauce 435ml
  • Oyster Sauce 750g
  • Plum Dipping Sauce
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce 800g
  • Premium Wasabi Sauce 62g  




Oriental Sauces & Oils

Fine quality, rich in favour sauces and oil
specially selected from Asia and the Far

  •    150ml
  •    Chilli sauce
  •    Dark soy sauce
  •    Light soy sauce
  •    Oyster sauce
  •    Pure sesame oil



Oriental Sauces

A superb range of authentic sauces, offering
delicious blends of sweet and aromatic
favours, including the most popular favours
from the East.

  •    Convenient jar size, meal for the family.
  •    All natural Ingredients
  •    No artifcial colours, favours, preservatives
  •    No MSG